We are always excited to involve enthusiastic volunteers in our mission toward a relationship focused, kind, green world. We especially benefit from having support in the following areas:

Clinical Social workers/mental health professionals - Our social work volunteers provide support to youth trainees and employees through assistance with driving, mentorship, and case management.

Photographers - We value photography as a tool for increasing awareness about pollinators and environmental conservation and for highlighting the unique skills and talents that our youth have to share. We love hosting photographers for shoots in our gardens and for workshops with our youth.

Beekeepers - Guest beekeepers lead workshops through our Beekeepers in Residence job skills training as well as community wide workshops held at our garden sites. We’re always curious to hear about ideas for topics, which may relate to native bees, honey bees, pollination, planting and gardening, medicinal herbs, etc. Anything to encourage environmental conservation and respect and appreciation for our natural environment.

Professional Development - Our professional development webinar series makes job skills training accessible, engaging, and relevant for our Beekeepers in Residence graduates and youth employees. If you have a professional skill or interest that you want to share more on, we’re now accepting applicants for guest speakers.

Interested in donating your time or learning more about volunteer opportunities? If so, please send an email to info@huneebeeproject.com.