Youth Employment & Training


Huneebee Project prioritizes enrolling and hiring youth with past or present child protective and/or foster care involvement in our Beekeepers in Residence training program and employment opportunities.

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Beekeepers in Residence is an annual 4-month-training program that is held each spring. Youth between the ages of 15-23 from New Haven county with diverse interests contribute to the installation and maintenance of honey bee colonies as well as the planting of pollinator-friendly green spaces. At the same time, clinical social workers and mentors support our youth beekeepers in identifying transferrable job skills, resume development, using the creative arts as a catalyst for self-expression, and building body and emotional awareness through mindfulness practices.

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Employment through Huneebee Project presently includes positions as peer instructors and junior garden site managers. In time, we hope to offer positions in e-commerce, social media and marketing, and operations assistants.

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