Our Model

Huneebee Project trains and employs youth in New Haven, Connecticut in beekeeping and the creative arts. We believe beekeeping in itself is a therapeutic practice- one that requires awareness of your body in time and space, use of regulation strategies to maintain a calm presence in the midst of an open bee hive, and open, honest discussions about fear, loss, courage, and hope.

We specifically train and employ youth with past or present child protective and/or foster care involvement, because we know that, all too often, the child protective and foster care systems are present with gaps that can lead to exacerbating existing traumas or the introduction of new traumas.

Along the way, we install and maintain active honey bee hives and pollinator-friendly green spaces in vacant lots and gardens throughout the city. We work to involve our community in every step of the way, as we know that good things happen when we’re in relationship to one another. Community hive checks are hosted weekly throughout the spring and summer months as opportunities to educate our neighbors on sustainable beekeeping practices and the important role of honey bees and other pollinators.

We’re seeking to create a new, innovative system that highlights dignity, self-worth, and unique individual talent. One that does its best to address and combat problematic power dynamics and structures. Where youth are empowered to be leaders in the supply chain. In this Project, we all serve together- and, together, we address systemic gaps and injustices.